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    We are thrilled to announce we are now official brand ambassadors for Park Active, a British Parking Association initiative dedicated to fostering healthier communities through active travel choices. Parking plays a critical role in shaping travel behaviour, and joining forces with Park Active aligns perfectly with our mission to create a positive impact on our environment.

    The initiative encourages people to ‘park’ their cars and opt for alternative, eco-friendly modes of transport such as walking or cycling. By doing so, we can collectively contribute to reducing congestion, minimising pollution, and freeing up space for pedestrians and blue badge holders.

    As brand ambassadors, we share a common vision: steering towards a future where communities are green and healthy. We’re excited to be actively involved in sharing our experience and help shape the future of Park Active. 

    Permit management & active commuting

    Permit management is an important aspect of incentivising behaviour change towards more sustainable travel. 

    When managing a large number of permit applications, especially with limited parking spaces, Octopass helps organisations easily filter and bulk/auto-approve or reject permits based on a number of sustainability variables, including the availability of alternative transportation options of applicants.

    Read more about how to incentivise sustainable commuting through effective permit management.

    Our journey as Park Active brand ambassadors marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to make a lasting impact on the way people travel. Together with Park Active, we look forward to driving change, promoting active travel choices, and contributing to the creation of communities that prioritise health and sustainability.