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Hello! Our goal is to make permit and pass management easy for everyone. We’re happy to have you here.

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Our Story

Octopass is powered by Mobile Worker Plus, a leading software and technology company operating across multiple UK sectors.

Our story started 10+ years ago, when we created our first bespoke permit management platform. We quickly saw that organisations needed a customisable, simple, and secure solution to make permit & pass management easy.

Easy for the admin teams, easy for the end users.

A decade of growth and success has brought Octopass to where it is today. We take pride in our continuous product development, designed to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Let’s greet tomorrow together!

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Our Mission

To provide the most flexible permit software that enables you to efficiently manage permits & passes in a simple and transparent way, whilst working towards a zero-carbon future.


Our Values

Our core values guide us in every aspect of what we do:


Hi, I'm Ollie!

As an octopus, I’m naturally flexible and agile. It’s my way to thrive.

So when I saw how flexible and adaptable Octopass is, I thought to myself: ‘Wow, what a match! We are clearly meant to stick together!’

While representing Octopass, I’ve become an expert at permit and pass management.

So if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you out!

Meet our Executive Team

Paul Marjoram
Paul Marjoram

I once caught a fly with some chopsticks (Karate Kid style) and love spending time in my allotment!

Raj Bucktower
Raj Bucktowar

I have an unhealthy biscuit obsession and have been known to store them under lock and key!

David Manston
David Manston

I saw Queen play in Bournemouth during their first headline tour in 1974!

Ana Cocarla
Ana Cocarla

When I’m not typing on my laptop, I enjoy writing with fountain pens and colourful inks!

Chief Woofer

I love greeting people (especially if they have biscuits) and chasing my tail until I get dizzy!