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    We provide advanced permit and pass management solutions to organisations in the Healthcare sector

    We understand the critical role of efficient and secure permit and pass management in the Healthcare sector. Octopass is designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organisations, including NHS England, private healthcare providers, and non-profit healthcare organisations.

    NHS England and Permit Policy:

    The NHS, being the largest employer in the UK healthcare sector, has specific recommendations, requirements and regulations when it comes to permit and pass management. NHS England dictates policies that ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of healthcare operations. Octopass solutions align with these policies by offering:

    1. Staff and Visitor Car Parking Permits: Streamline parking management with digital permits, ensuring that healthcare professionals and visitors have hassle-free access to parking facilities.
    2. EV Charging Permits: Support the NHS’s green initiatives by managing permits for electric vehicle charging stations, promoting sustainable transportation.
    3. Site Access Passes: Enhance security and operational efficiency with digital passes that control and monitor access to various areas within healthcare facilities.
    4. Permit to Work: Ensure compliance and safety for contractors and maintenance staff working on-site.

    Our solutions can help you demonstrate the implementation of best practices such as the NHS car parking guidance 2022 for NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts, as well as help you incentivise & demonstrate staff travel behaviour change in the move towards sustainability goals such as Greener NHS.

    Tailored Solutions for Diverse Healthcare Settings:

    Our permit and pass management solutions cater to a wide array of healthcare settings, including:

    • Care homes or hospices.
    • Community healthcare (e.g., doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, health clinics).
    • Hospitals.
    • Medical labs.
    • People’s homes.

    Partnering for Innovation and Excellence:

    We are committed to working closely with healthcare providers, including NHS England, to deliver technology-driven solutions that enhance operational excellence. Our ISO-compliant cloud infrastructure ensures the highest standards of data security and reliability.

    For a comprehensive overview of our solutions and how they can transform your healthcare organisation’s permit and pass management, visit our Solutions page:

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